DAAD In-Country/In-Region Scholarship Programmes 2021/2022 for graduates & postgraduates from Sub-Saharan Africa

The In-Country/In-Region programme supports the training of future professionals and managerial staff in developing countries, in particular university teachers. Support is available for postgraduate programmes and for doctorates.

The In-Country/In-Region programme in developing countries aims to contribute to train highly qualified professionals and managerial staff for sustainable development in the partner countries and for the development of top-quality, cosmopolitan universities. The programme thus offers scholarships to future university teachers from developing countries for postgraduate courses and for doctorates. They study at universities in their home country or at highly qualified institutions in the region, some of which are organised in networks.

The partner universities and partner institutions in the respective countries are intermediaries, but profit directly from the programme through tuition fees. The regional focus of the programme is sub-Saharan Africa; however, very similar programmes are run in Central America, South America, South and South-East Asia, and the Middle East.

Programme objectives

The objective of the programme is to qualify graduates for taking on positions of responsibility in development-related areas in teaching and research. It also aims to promote the participation of women and disadvantaged groups and to strengthen the organisational, financial, and personnel capacities of the partner institutions.

Scholarship holders benefit further with the option of conducting short-term research or attending interdisciplinary summer schools in Germany during their funding period in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Currently, scholarships are offered in the following subject areas:
Environmental and Public Health; Agronomic and Mathematical Sciences; Water and Environmental Engineering; Population Studies and Seed Sciences.

The In-Country/In-Region Scholarship Programme supports academics with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the regions of Subsaharan Africa, Central and South America, South and Southeast Asia, as well as the Middle East, with a scholarship for a consecutive Master’s degree or a PhD. Scholarships are awarded in the applicants home country/country of residence (in-country scholarships) or in their home region (in-region scholarships).

Scholarship funding

The DAAD In-Country/In-Region Scholarship usually includes:

  • tuitions fees
  • monthly scholarship rate
  • study and research allowance
  • printing allowance for the final thesis
  • only for In-Region Scholarship holders: travel allowance and usually funding for health insurance


  • The scholarship consists of a monthly scholarship rate, annual allowances for research and study costs, health insurance and travel allowances (if applicable). DAAD also covers the tuition fees

Available Opportunities

West and Central Africa


Burkina Faso




  • Centre d ‘Etudes Régional pour l’Amélioration de l’Adaptation à la Sécheresse (CERAAS), Subject field: Agricultural Sciences (Master, PhD)

Eastern Africa






  • Makerere University, Subject fields: Environment and Natural Ressource (Master), Plant Breeding (PhD)


Southern Africa



  • University of Namibia (UNAM), Subject fields: Biodiversity Management (Master)

South Africa (In-Region scholarships only; In-Country scholarships for South Africa are addressed in a separate call for applications ->

  • Stellenbosch University (SUN), Subject fields: Molecular Biology and Human Genetics (Master, PhD) as well as Mathematics (Master, PhD)
  • University of Witwatersrand, African Centre for Migration and Displacement (ACMS), Subject field: Migration and Displacement Studies (Master, PhD)

A list of the host institutions who are currently participating in the programme in the different regions (Subsaharan Africa, Central and South America, South and Southeast Asia and in the Middle East) can be found here: List of host institutions 2021 [pdf-file]

Please note the list of currently open calls for applications in the regions of Southern Africa as well as West and Central Africa: List of currently open calls for scholarship applications [pdf-file]

Application Deadline: Varying by Institutions

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the DAAD In-Country/In-Region Scholarship Programmes 2021/2022