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TDR and the University of Ghana’s School of Public Health, the TDR-supported Regional Training Centre for the WHO African Region, are organizing a new session in English of the TDR Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Implementation Research (IR).

Implementation research (IR) is important for designing strategies or solutions to overcome bottlenecks that prevent proven and innovative public health interventions from reaching the people who need them.

This ensure that these interventions are used in a manner that results in the outcome for which they
were intended. Such solutions include how to overcome barriers to adoption of drugs, diagnostics or preventive measures that improve health for people at risk of malaria, tuberculosis, NTDs or other infectious diseases. IR can help to ensure that health solutions reach the people who need them and are used in ways that generate intended results.
This Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is a step-by-step online training that will introduce you to designing robust IR projects. You will have access to leading world experts who will take you through the core concepts of IR, including how to: identify the challenges of various health settings; assess the appropriateness of existing strategies; develop new interventions and strategies by working with communities and stakeholders; specify your IR questions; and design rigorous research projects. You will learn how to identify IR outcomes, evaluate effectiveness, and make plans to scale up implementation.
No technical or scientific background is required, though a health background will be an advantage.
The course is open to everyone.

Application Deadline: 28 September 2022

Please send us a request at the following e-mail address:

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