Goethe Institut Nigeria Call for Artistic Research Proposals: Cosmological Knowledge Systems in Nigeria 2021

Artists in Nigeria are invited to submit Research Proposals for the Cosmological Knowledge Systems in Nigeria 2021. The project invites the collection and visualization of cosmological knowledge as well as an artistic exploration of it.

For this purpose, not only the major cultures (Yoruba, Igbo, Haussa) should be focused on but they encourage in particular projects that engage with smaller groups (e.g. Ijaw Ogoni or Ibibio).

They are looking for artistic research around questions such as:

  • What do Nigerian cosmological knowledge systems tell us about our world?
  • How can we engage with them?
  • What is the aesthetic language of these systems?
  • How can these knowledge be reactivated? What can we learn from them?


The question of the origin of the universe and the planet is a universal one. On the African continent, cosmological knowledge have become more visible through the popularity of Afrofuturism in recent years. A significant example in this regard is in today’s Nigeria, the Ifa oracle of the Yoruba. These knowledge are also linked to aesthetic practices and reflected artistic representation of local cosmologies. But due to colonialism and the increasing dominance of monotheistic religions in the post-independence era, much of this knowledge have become invisible or less relevant. This project aims to carry the deep past of indigenous knowledge about the universe and our planet into the future – starting from Nigeria!


  • Open to Nigerian artists, collectives, creative practitioners and researchers based in Nigeria and its diaspora.
  • The research should include archival material and/or oral literature.
  • Archival research is highly encouraged and collaborations between artists and researchers are very welcome.
  • The presentation of the research should include artistic methods.


  • Applicants shall propose how they would use a grant of up to EUR 750 in a budget plan. Eligible budget items are fees, travel and research expenses.
  • Applicants shall provide details about their project in a concept proposal of 2 pages maximum.
  • A biography of all participants should also be included.
  • They would like applicants to propose the format for how they will explore their specific question, e.g. through the form of graphics, films or photography.
  • Add any links to your previous work you think are relevant to this application.

Submit to with the subject line “Cosmologies”.

Deadline: October 27, 2021

For more information, visit Goethe Institut Nigeria.