Learning Sciences Exchange (LSX) International Fellowship Program 2022/2024 for mid-career professionals ($5000 stipend)

The Learning Sciences Exchange (LSX) is a groundbreaking, two-year fellowship program for mid-career professionals in Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, the United States and Canada who are interested in building cross-sector skills for communicating new research and catalyzing change in their schools and communities. The program’s goal is to foster broader understanding, widespread dissemination, and better application of the insights emerging from the science of learning for children ages 2 to 12

Learning Sciences Exchange (LSX) is a one-of-a-kind fellowship program that brings together 15 fellows, three each from the five sectors (science, education leadership/policy, journalism, entertainment, and social entrepreneurship), who participate for 2 years. The fellows hail from multiple countries in Europe and North America. (The upcoming 2022-24 cohort will include fellows from Africa and Latin America & the Caribbean as well.) Each participant enjoys time for cross-disciplinary thinking and writing about how to bring ideas in learning science to fruition and about how to communicate them with the greatest influence.

With fellows and advisors hailing from countries around the world, this exchange inspires mid-career scientists, journalists, entertainers and policy makers to solve problems in key areas related to how children learn and develop. The fellowship culminates in a series of short and inspiring LSX Talks delivered at the bi-annual LSX Summit open to the public and broadcast widely through international media channels.


 with newly emerging research on learning or learning variability and who have great interest in translating evidence into action for practitioners, parents, and policy-makers

Entrepreneurs with effective education solutions seeking to advance learning and education so children can thrive

Education leaders who run, administer, or design schools or systems focused on individualized learning and adaptive teaching, especially those with previous teaching experience

Education journalists seeking to gain a deeper understanding of learner variability and support more effective communications about the science of learning within education systems and among teachers and parents

Entertainment producers and game developers who want to gain a deeper understanding of learning variability and individualized learning across this age group


Candidates should be mid-career and experienced enough in their own fields to understand the value of seeking out new opportunities for collaboration and communication of ideas across different sectors. In addition to seeking those who want to improve learning systems for today’s kids and who are excited by interdisciplinary work, we value diverse perspectives and experiences in three main areas:

Across sectors. LSX seek fellows who represent at least one of these five sectors: research, education leadership, education entrepreneurship, education journalism, and entertainment. (The application form requires applicants to choose which one of these five sectors best represents their work; applicants will have the option of also choosing a secondary sector if desired.) 

Across geographic boundaries. We seek fellows across Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the United States and Canada. (Unfortunately we cannot accommodate applicants from other regions of the world in this cohort.)

Across social groups. We seek fellows with varying and diverse experiences individually and in their communities emerging from identities related to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability, or socioeconomic status.


  • LSX Fellows will have the unique opportunity to learn from deep discussions with each other across the five sectors represented in this program (research, education leadership, education entrepreneurship, education journalism, and entertainment). Over two years, fellows will work together on projects that elevate the insights of the learning sciences for new audiences. They will meet remotely and in-person at meetings throughout the fellowship (one meeting of which will be in Zurich, Switzerland, and at least one other in Washington, D.C.).
  • Their work will culminate with the LSX Summit in 2024, a one-of-its-kind international event for showcasing projects and sharing new ideas across sectors. The intent is to learn from experts in other fields, exchange important lessons with each other about how to communicate with educators and the public, and advance a project related to learning variability: improving individualized learning and adaptive teaching, thereby improving classroom or school experiences or the implementation of school systems more broadly, that would be strengthened with the infusion of ideas from talented people in other sectors.
  • Each fellow will receive a $5000 stipend to cover the two years, and all travel costs are covered for in-person meetings.
  • Additionally, LSX fellows will be encouraged to attend professional development sessions designed with their particular projects in mind, office hours with the advisors on our Steering Committee and Advisory Board, and professional conferences that match their interests as budgets allow.

Application Deadline: February 15, 2022

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the LSX International Fellowship Program 2022/2024