Youth4Nature Call for Stories: Transforming Systems for Climate and Biodiversity 2021

The Youth4Nature is calling for Stories: Transforming Systems for Climate and Biodiversity 2021. They are looking for personal climate-nature narratives that engage in food, water, energy, shelter, and/or clothing topics such as just transition, livelihoods, food security/sovereignty, water security, energy security, sustainable fashion, green/blue built infrastructure, etc.

Especially welcomed are stories that centre consumer, worker, and/or producer perspectives on these issues, as well as stories with innovative solutions and critical insights into the urgency for systemic change.

Stories should answer any of these questions using one or more of the subcategories (water, energy, shelter, and/or clothing) as example:

  • Why is system/systemic change important to address the climate and biodiversity crises?
  • How would this change look within systems that provide basic needs for human life?
  • How do the climate and biodiversity crises impact basic systems, and how do these impact the crises?
  • What are the implications for consumption, production, and labour, both in terms of the issues and the solutions?


For both individuals & groups, each winner will be entitled to a prize/set of prizes of their choice worth up to US$250 USD each, including among the following options: 

  • Grant-based contribution to on-the-ground initiatives or projects on food, water, energy, clothing, or shelter led by youth or by an intergenerational group. Can be own project or nominate an organisation. 
  • Reimbursed/upfront expenses for youth-led campaigning on the links between climate-biodiversity and food, water, energy, clothing, or shelter. Can be own project or nominate an organisation.
  • Scholarship/funding for educational courses or training on relevant climate-nature solutions on food, water, energy, clothing, or shelter.


  • Stories can be in a variety of formats, including text, audio, image and/or video submissions.
  • Stories can be in any approved language (check the guidelines to know more) and from any region and country across the world.
  • Stories must include actions, reflections or art on biodiversity which are FOCUSED or / and (preferably) led by individuals and communities with lived or advocate experience on theme topics.
  • Only one story per individual/group will be accepted for this competition.
  • Stories must be original and personal, authored by either:
    • A young individual between 18 and 30 years old. For those under 18 years old, parental consent is required for the submission to be approved.
    • A group initiative that is led by youth, or that it is made up of at least 50% youth.


Stories must be submitted by October 17, 2021 at 23:59 PST, and approved by October 24, 2021. Approval is based on a review process to ensure the submission meets the guidelines. 

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For more information, visit Youth4Nature.